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5 misconceptions about Bali

Misconception No 1 about the country
Indonesia is a very contrasting country, as well as very large. Its length is the same as the distance from London to Barnaul. If nature rages on one part of it, the rest of islands are calm. While some of the islands live at the primitive society level, Bali means a world class resort. Civilization here is everywhere – in supermarkets, clubs, spas and many restaurants.

Misconception No 2 about the heat
Heat level in Bali does not exceed our usual summer, but thanks to the humid climate it is much easier to tolerate the heat. The main thing in travel is to avoid extreme temperatures and long standing near the air conditioner, and plan main activities for the first half of the day or after 4.00 p.m.

Misconception No 3 about English
Believe us, to understand each the sign language will be enough. Many Balinese people speak Russian and their natural kindness allows you communicating without any problems.

Misconception No 4 about prices
Compared with many Asian resorts Bali really is 20-30% more expensive, but if you consider the level of service and island’s capacity, it’s worth it. Besides, do not overpay getting scammed. Relevant awareness before trip will help save much. You can read our tips on how to make the trip more economical here.

Misconception No 5 about rainy season
The rainy season in Bali begins in November and ends in March, but it doesn’t’ mean rain all day long, it is very much similar to our Russian summer rains - sudden, unexpected and very short . And how to deal with sudden bad weather read here.

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