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A Bali cliff wedding is one of the most popular types of wedding ceremonies for couples wanting to tie the knot on a tropical island paradise. With several location options available, brides are spoilt for choice of stunning cliff wedding venues. A cliff wedding in Bali offers so many layers of magic for the ultimate romantic wedding ceremony. With the ocean breeze keeping everyone cool, the happy couple are able to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy their big day without getting too hot. Every Bali cliff wedding venue has been carefully selected based on a stringent criteria of dramatic and romantic hill top settings overlooking the Indian Ocean or lush green valleys. Brides look simply stunning against a backdrop of dramatic jagged cliff rocks, cliff top greenery and the beautiful colours of the ultimate sunset. Imagine the beautiful bride, ocean or valley breeze flowing through her soft hair, the sunkissed tones of her skin glowing against the hues of reds, pinks and yellows of the setting sun.The lucky couple not only get to walk away with each other for the rest of their lives, they can also make this wonderful experience timeless with enviable clifftop wedding photos.

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    Balangan cliff wedding
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    The Edge of Paradise
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    Luxe cliff wedding
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  • 1450 usd
    Hidden cliff wedding

Some of the best cliff weddings in Bali


The coastline surrounding the island of Bali is mind blowing, with some of the most dramatic ragged cliff edges created by years of powerful waves crashing against them. Hidden caves, bright blue water and stunning beaches. Some of these beaches offer powdery white sand, some have darker coloured sand from the volcanic rocks and some are made up of thousands of gorgeous smooth pebbles. Many of the Bali cliff weddings provide phenomenal views of the ragged rocks, a stunning beach and the crystal clear waters of the Indian Ocean.

On the southern tip of Bali is an area called the ‘Bukit’, which means hill in Indonesian. Being so high up means that this area boasts some of the most incredible cliffside views. The team at Bali Wedding have carefully selected the best cliff wedding venues in Bali and this southern peninsula has many of the best. Tegal Wangi Cliff is located in the southern part of Bali in the area of Jimbaran. Tucked beneath the rocks is a ‘hidden beach’ offering lots of nooks and hidden caves with stunning reefs under crystal clear water. It is the perfect view for a romantic Bali cliff wedding. Balangan Beach is also an amazing location for an experience that promises to capture the magic of romance. Boasting some of the most spectacular sunsets on the island, this Bali clifftop wedding venue not only has mind blowing views but also offers easy access to the beach so that couples can enjoy more wedding photos on the thick white sand with a backdrop of powerful waves curling along the reef. Couples can choose to celebrate their love on the ragged cliff top right above the main beach or, if they want to add a little extra privacy and luxury, couples can opt for La Joya resort which is a luxury spa complex right on the cliff edge.

Further north and inland there lies even more hidden gems which are perfect for a cliffside style wedding ceremony. For those couples who revel in nature and prefer the lush green hues of the valley, Jannata Resort is the perfect place. With the sounds of natural running water, fresh breeze and 360 degree views of fertile green valley and forest, this culturally reflective luxury resort offers everything a blushing bride could possibly dream of. Moving further west lies another location which is perfect for the ultimate Bali cliff wedding. Surrounded by the bright green hills and valleys of Karangasem, Bukit Asah is a beautiful cliff wedding location away from the busy tourist spots further south. Under a beautifully decorated archway, the bride and groom can share their vows of love that will float in the ocean breeze and be transported above the Indian Ocean, keeping them sacred and safe forever. Couples also have the extra bonus of being able to head down to the Virgin Beach below for some extra special wedding photos.

The majestic Balian cliff is another quieter and more private location for a special cliff wedding in Bali. In the more secluded area of the less touristy Bali, the views up on the cliff edge are spectacular, on one side the endless ocean next to stunning black sand beaches and on the other side lush green landscape of rice paddie fields and lush green fertile land.


Bali cliff wedding package from Baliwedding


Baliwedding makes wedding dreams become reality by offering truly affordable and read-to-go Bali cliff wedding packages. Couples can browse through the various cliff weddings in Bali that are available and select the level of inclusions based on their budget. The process is simple and clear with a team of specialists on hand to answer any questions. Bali cliff wedding packages are simple and easy to book with clear descriptions, information about what is included and lots of real photographs to help you to visualise your big day and turn your Bali cliff wedding dreams into wonderful real life experiences to treasure forever.

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