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A picture is worth a thousand words but wedding photos are so much more than that. Encompassing true love, passion, excitement and the anticipation of a wonderful life together, a good wedding photographer can capture precious, timeless moments of joy to create truly priceless memories. With our photo and video packages, every couple can look forward to creating truly beautiful and unique expressions of their love using our professional and inspirational photographers and videographers. Making the happy couple feel comfortable and inspired, our team will ensure that each image is imaginative, intimate and authentic. Feel like a celebrity as your story of true love is shared through a series of precious images or videos, defining your unique and special moment in time. Our photographers and videographers enhance the bride’s essence and unique style whilst capturing the beautiful emotion of the experience. With the ultimate backdrop of your dream location in Bali, carefully selected props and the beautiful bride, your images will be treasured forever. 

  • 300 usd
    Pre-wedding photography
  • 350 usd
    Pre-wedding videography
  • 750 usd
    Wedding photography
  • 1000 usd
    Wedding videography

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