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Тop 9 the most romantic places in Bali

As an introduction to the topic of romance we’d like to say that there are no numbers in the list for reasons of principle and positioning is purely formal and does not reflect the degree of romance for a specific place. We offer the most and you choose a theme you like and interested in. In order to avoid overwhelming our rating with boring information about the location of these romantic places we provide only announcements and descriptions and you can always contact us here and get complete information about the direction you are interested in.

Waterfall Git-Git

The most famous Balinese waterfalls. Each of the four (Colossus, Virgin Falls, Waterfall of Tears and Gemini) has its own unique features and romantic legend. You can see and touch this natural beauty just in 10 kilometers south of Singaraja . You can safely give up the services of local guides hunting here mourning the extensive network of paths, thus saving a decent amount on money.

Chocolate Bamboo Factory "Big Tree Farms"

This place especially will be liked by the lovers of all natural, environmentally friendly and sweet . During the tour (and it is only organized here ) you will be able to admire the bamboo structures and household items, try out them in practice, get acquainted with eco -production, participate in the process and taste the factory products.
The tour runs on weekdays at 2.00 p.m. in groups. You have to pre-register. Factory contacts: +62 361 8463327 , Jl. Sibangkaja, Banjar Piakan, Kecamatan Abiansemal, Kabupaten Badung, Bali Indonesia 80352 , web:

Eco Beach hourse riding

Eco Beach is the beach located in Changou area. It is one of the most popular beaches in Bali. Here you’ll find everything to stay together: a cafe with views over the ocean, numerous shops and of course the opportunity to take a romantic horseback stroll. This is a great way to experience the amazing Balinese landscapes and get a positive charge for a long time. Inability to stay in the saddle does not become an obstacle for the event since you’ll undergo briefing first from the master.


Tabanan - the place where the rivers flow into the ocean 

Tabanan itself represents a paradise in Bali soaked with a romance. Generally there are several places here that you can visit, but we recommend the place where rivers flow into the ocean. People come here for the great pictures, unusual sensations and disturbing beauty of sunsets. Just wander along the coast in search of such rivers out of many existing, the spectacle is really worth it!

Secret Beach - secret beach next to the Padang Bay

Lost among the rocks and accessible only for backpackers this beach is located near the village of Padang Bai with stunning ocean views and white sand.
If you do not like the hustle and bustle and want to enjoy the company of each other without missing the opportunity to sunbathe and swim, then this place is specifically for you.

Climbing the Gunung Agung (Agung volcano) 

Love the thrill, then this route is just for you. Agnung is 3142 meters of lava and ash. Active volcano ready to “tickle” the nerves invites everyone to its apex. From there you will have a wonderful view of the island and ocean accessible only for those most daring and enduring. Must have for those wishing to see the best sunrise in your life!

Swimming with the dolphins in Lovina

Lovina is a resort area west of Singaraja. This location offers tranquility despite the fact that it has well-developed tourist infrastructure.
If you need peace of rest, then this is the most appropriate place in Bali. A highlight of the program will be nice and friendly dolphins, with which you can communicate and swim receiving unforgettable impressions and unique pictures.

Dinner on Bali Hai yacht

More precisely, not only dinner, but a romantic evening cruise, which includes a dinner too. You will be able to meet the sunset aboard a comfortable yacht. Enjoy your stay, scenery and excellent service, and correspondent background and amorous mood will be supported with live music and exciting show program.

Gili Islands

Those seeking for solitude on the ocean shore, as well as dreaming of clear water and white sand should certainly visit these three islands located 35 kilometers from Bali - Gili Islands . The largest of them can be walked around the coastline in just one hour. There are no cars and scooters here, but there are secluded beaches like in tourist advertising flyers, cafe located right on the beach and large turtles, you can swim with.