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Unique ceremony ideas for a Bali wedding

When thinking about a wedding in Bali than most of the people have a picture of a beach wedding ceremony in mind.  This is the most demanded wedding package and couples make the decision to get married with their toes in the sand without knowing what other type of wedding ceremonies are available in Bali. You will be surprised and amazed at the same time! Due to Bali’s huge variety of landscapes almost every square meter on the island is a blessing for the eyes. Find out now the best wedding ceremony ideas in Bali!


Beach wedding – the adorable standard


Although this is a well known wedding ceremony location it cannot be missed in the listing. You will find thousands of wedding packages for a beach ceremony but be aware! Not every beach is suitable for such an important event. We put a lot of effort into finding simply the best beaches on the island! Check out more information about an intimate and romantic ceremony on the Private Beach Wedding page.

Private Beach Wedding in Bali

Cliff Wedding – enjoy endless ocean views


This is the 2nd most popular wedding ceremony in Bali and for the right reason: not many places on the world have such majestic cliffs with incredible sunsets. It’s a great choice for your special day. For the perfect cliff wedding you should have a look at the Edge Cliff Wedding page and convice yourself when seeing the amazing photos taken at one of the best cliff wedding venues in Bali.


Edge Cliff Wedding Bali

Royal Balinese Wedding – be blessed by the island of gods

This spiritual and culturally inspired type of wedding is not only for believers in gods. It is designed for couples who want to make their wedding day to an unforgettable experience with the touch of the fascinating culture of the Balinese. The Royal Balinese Wedding is full of spectacular suprises and entertainment for the newlyweds: Balinese dancers, Kecak dance, carriage, traditional ceremonies, colorful costumes and a romantic dinner are only a part of the special day you will have.  

Royal Balinese Wedding

Tropical jungle wedding – more nature is impossible


Bali is not only famous for its beaches and cliffs but also for the stunning and rice paddies and lush gardens. The most peaceful and green places can be found even only a few minutes away from the touristic places in Bali. Check out the Tropical Jungle Page where you can find a special created package for your wedding in the middle of Bali’s nature.


Tropical jungle wedding in Bali

Lake wedding – another point of view

That’s now something a lot of people do not know! Bali has not only beaches, cliffs, ricefields, no. You will find here even lakes and vulcanos! Leaving the touristic places of Bali you will find totally different landscapes. In these areas you enjoy also a cooler atmosphere and luxury to much lower prices. Don’t miss to have a look at the Exclusive Lake Wedding Package and the benefits of having your wedding ceremony between lakes and mountains.

Lake wedding in Bali

On our website you will find a lot of more options for your wedding ceremony. If you are romantic, adventurous, are in love with nature or like to experience pure luxury – there is something in it for everyone!