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No one else organizes so many wedding events like we do! It's easy to check it by visit our website section Portfolio.

Make your last day of being single more memorable with us! Because we are The Seven Agency know how to make you party easier. So you and your best friends having the time of your life.

We are here to help you with 3 easy point:
1.    We are making your party full of fun and safe. all our packages, venues and components are what we recommend you, yet you still can customize any option that would suit your taste and safely fun with our game master. Once you contact us, we get the party started. Have limited budget? No worries, we also provide you affordable Light Packages to seize up your moment.
2.    Offering you the best price in Bali. We have been all around Bali, organizing a lot of thing. and we mean it when we say we have the best price and quality, whether in cheap or premium way!
3.    Making your life easier with only giving you clear informations. It's important to us for having your trust to organize your party. you can see all clear descriptions of every package, rundown, yet actual and final price. With all of it you can arrange a party that fit to your budget

These packages setup for 5 people, in this page you will see our eight different packages, but since you are here to having fun, feel free to tell us your personal favorites that you would like to add. Also don’t forget to multiply the individual prices if you have more guests involve.  Not only love, fun will came along if you dare to try!


  • 340/5pax usd
    Light Villa Party
  • 540/5pax usd
    Light Club Party
  • 680/5pax usd
    Light pampering day
  • 250/5pax usd
    Adrenaline Attack
  • 2400/5pax usd
    Villa Party
  • 2150/5pax usd
    Club Hopping
  • 1750/5pax usd
    Pampering Day
  • 550/5pax usd
    Adrenaline Pump

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