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All our packages are very clear and transparent with no hidden fees! Our easy to use booking system enables our clients to choose a package with each component outlined with prictures, prices and description.

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If you are planning your wedding in Bali you are probably spending a lot of time browsing through reams of information online and maybe pondering the benefits of a wedding package in Bali. At first the journey is fun and exciting but it can quickly become quite overwhelming with so much information out there and many companies trying to sell you their business.

Bali has steadily become one of the top wedding destinations in Asia because it offers something for everyone. With it’s diverse geographical landscape, brides can choose from a tropical beach wedding, waterfall magic, luxury villa and much more. Many couples end up opting for a wedding package in Bali because they realise how long it takes to try and organise things from scratch. Time is precious and couples want to focus on the anticipation and excitement of the big day rather than spending hours sending and responding to emails about every detail. On the flip side, the idea of an all inclusive package may not sit right with some people. Not many brides like the idea of a cookie cutter wedding because they want to feel special and unique. However, if you choose the right people to help you to organise your big day you will be able to select those special touches that will make your wedding ceremony truly one of a kind.


Choosing Bali wedding package saves time


Choosing a Bali wedding package saves so much time as you don’t have to scroll through pages and pages of google searches trying to find the right types of vendors to deliver all the different elements of your big day. Most wedding planners will offer some kind of Bali wedding package as they will have their selected partners who are tried and tested, whether that be for entertainment, decoration or the even the celebrant.

There are so many different wedding packages in Bali to choose from and going for a Bali wedding package makes it super easy to select exactly the type of wedding you want from the start, avoiding all the toing and froing of trying to explain to a wedding planner what you want. The information is all there for you on the website and all you have to do is browse and select which one takes your fancy. If you are dreaming of a tropical beach wedding you can browse through the beach wedding section of the website and instantly see the details of all the different options available. Or you can check out the cliff side wedding packages,villa weddings or even some fairly unique exotic locations. Once you have a good idea what type of wedding you want you can be much more focused with your planning so all of the stress of going back and forth with a wedding planner is removed in an instant. Let’s take a brief look at what different types of wedding package we offer.

Our featured weddings have been carefully crafted by some of our best creative experts and they include many fantastic options for couples looking for something a little different. Be the envy of all of your friends by selecting a Bali wedding package that no one would have ever even dreamed of! From a full immersion into the magic of Bali’s culture with a traditional Balinese wedding to a tropical island Robinson Crusoe style ceremony with the escape Gili wedding package, anything is possible. Other featured wedding packages available include a lake wedding, the stunning Diamond Chapel, waterfall wedding and some extra special featured cliff and beach weddings.

Beach weddings are very popular in Bali and our beach wedding packages offer some of the best beach locations in Bali. Beach weddings are like fairytales, the beautiful bride in her flowing dress blowing in the ocean breeze, amazing photos of the happy couples taken against the stunning backdrop of a white sand beach, crystal clear waters and the million colours of a setting sun. Our beach wedding section shows off some of the stunning photos taken at our beach weddings with some very happy brides.

The Cliff weddings package is a dream come true. Not only does Bali boast some of the best beaches in the world, it is also blessed with a jaw dropping coastline of ragged cliff edges showing off the wonderful shapes of nature created by crashing waves from the Indian Ocean. On top of these cliffs you can experience some of the most incredible views you will ever see, 360 degrees of ocean, a magical horizon and beautiful green hills and undulating landscape. A perfect setting for romantic wedding ceremonies.

Our exotic wedding packages offer something very different for couples who are looking for a certain uniqueness. Brides look stunning in front of a beautiful waterfall or by a perfect glassy lake surrounded by forest. Or if you fancy a bit of adventure you can even discover a true jungle experience or even have a go at riding on the back of an elephant in your wedding dress! Why not?! If, like many visitors, you are in love with Bali’s rich culture and spiritual atmosphere you can enjoy a traditional Balinese Blessing or share your wedding vows in the cultural heart of Bali, Ubud. Whatever exotic wedding package you choose it will certainly be an experience never to forget!

Pre Wedding packages are becoming more and more popular as couples are realising the fun that can be had enjoying unique experiences together and capturing them in timeless imagery. These pre wedding packages include a combination of a fun, authentic cultural experience and a professional photoshoot. You even get to use costumes and props! Couples walk away with some incredible images showcasing the true essence of romance in amazing locations. Definitely worth considering.

Chapel wedding packages offer a combination of tradition, uniqueness and extravagance. As destination weddings have become more popular in Bali, many Chapels have popped up offering traditional wedding services. The team at Baliwedding have selected the best chapels in Bali and worked with them to create a range of some of the most luxurious wedding packages Bali has to offer. The venues are utterly beautiful and most are under cover so you don’t need to worry about weather. If you like a blend of tradition in an exotic ambience then a chapel wedding package is perfect for you.

Being first and foremost a tourist destination, Bali has a plethora of hotels all around the island. Organising a hotel wedding on your own is tricky business because you have little control over the detail and you never quite know for sure if the hotel will deliver the goods. Selecting a hotel wedding package with Baliwedding gives you the reassurance that the shortlist of hotels have been very very carefully selected and the team are able to deliver every detail of the wedding package to perfection. For that one special day brides feel like a princess and grooms like a prince.

Photo and video packages offer couples the chance to make their love timeless whilst feeling like complete rock stars. Every bride should feel like a million dollars and the team of photographers that offer these packages do just that. There are several photograph and video packages to choose from so that you can treasure forever your magical day.

Professional make up packages are also on offer for the beautiful bride to be. You can choose either just make up or hair and makeup for a full transformation into a stunning flawless bride! Complexion perfection is what these amazing artists create, not a crease or wrinkle just amazing smooth skin and bright eyes full of love. It is worth every penny to see the groom’s face as you glide down the bridal walkway.

It is very possible to get married legally in Bali. With a bit of forward planning in order to gather the correct documents, couples can be legally married at their ceremony in Bali. The Legal wedding services team are experts and can guide you through the process step by step so that you can focus on what is important, enjoying yourself!

Wedding planner services are essential if you want to arrange a bespoke wedding. Wedding experts provide personalised consulting, planning, budgeting and will help you to book and manage all of the vendors, leaving you free to get pampered and enjoy the romance. You even get a personal wedding butler who is on standby for your every need.

All of these packages are created to make it easy for you to visualise what your ideal wedding could be. The Bali wedding packages are flexible which means you can select one and then customise it so that it becomes unique to you and your loved one. You can do this by removing, replacing or adding on extra elements to the package. So, if you fancy some entertainment, you have the freedom to choose what style you want and add it to your package.


Bali wedding package cost will pleasantly surprise you


One final reason to select a wedding package is price. A Bali wedding package cost is surprisingly affordable . Each package has a clear breakdown of exactly what is included and how much it costs. Once you know what type of wedding you want it is super easy. All you do is take a look at the relevant section and choose which price package you like. There are three options available, ‘intimacy’ (a great option for those on a budget), ‘simply beautiful’ (a good compromise on budget versus some special add ons) and ‘the perfect; (the premium option). The Bali wedding packages cost is affordable and delivers more than you could ever imagine. Once you have chosen what type of wedding package you want, the process of actually arranging the details is easy, leaving you to concentrate on enjoying each and every moment of your big day. All of these guarantee a wedding package in Bali that makes all of your dreams come true.


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