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Articles about wedding in Bali:

  • 7 advantages of Bali

    1 + Bali - summer all year round Plus - short rainy season, comfortable temperature, safe flora and fauna 2 + Bali - officially and legal Now you can legally get married in Bali, details here 3 + Bali - beautiful Island all year round is buried in flowers, here you can enjoy… Read also
  • What can spoil your wedding ceremony

    Each of us is thinking about this day at least once. Finally, it comes and even started to grow with quite real items. It's time to warn you from some common mistakes that can spoil your wedding ceremony or memory of it in the photos.   Weather - the easiest obstacle to the ideal ceremony.… Read also
  • Rainy season in Bali: not a problem!

    There should not be any doubt. After reading the article topic you have probably guess what is the most common risk exist with respect to weddings ceremonies on tropical islands within the period from November through March ? Everyone, probably, remember the Geography lessons about the torrential equatorial… Read also
  • Тop 9 the most romantic places in Bali

    As an introduction to the topic of romance we’d like to say that there are no numbers in the list for reasons of principle and positioning is purely formal and does not reflect the degree of romance for a specific place. We offer the most and you choose a theme you like and interested in. In order… Read also
  • Pre-wedding and love-story photosessions

    The huge advantage of Bali is its diversity. It is amazing that such a small island is "getting along" with white or black sand beaches, volcanoes, oceans, rice terraces, mangroves, unique Hindu temples, jungles, waterfalls and much more!       We suggest you to become… Read also
  • Wedding dress from our bridal salon

    Dear brides! If you are going to bring your own wedding dress for your wedding in Bali, please, take a look on our proposal first.  In Bali we have our own Bridal Boutique, that can help you to find the perfect wedding dress for your special day. Feel free to try our collection and rent or… Read also
  • Go on wedding venue inspection with us!

    Are you dreaming of a wedding in a place where the sun is always shining, where every day starts and ends with a smile? You wish to have a fascinating view over the ocean with an incredible sunset, with white sand under your feet? Then there are no doubts, Bali is the right choice to say ‘I do’… Read also
  • How to get married legally in Bali?

    To have official or legal wedding in Bali is possible almost for all couples. Legal wedding registration in Bali is not expensive and procedure is quite clear and simple. Possessing both Religious and Civil (or Legal) wedding ceremonies in Bali is recognized as legal by most of foreign countries.… Read also
  • Favorite Style for Beach Wedding Gown

    Beach wedding considered more informal than any church or garden wedding. Well, if you want to celebrate the special moments in your lifetime in Bali the Beach Wedding will be one of the great options for you. With the warm sun rays and the breeze from the ocean you better choose the right dress! However… Read also
  • Robotic Wedding Companions

    If you think you know a cool yet futuristic wedding these days, you need to check these Robot that involve in a romantic celebration of love! 1. Robot Celebrant In Japan there are couple getting married and lead by a Robot Celebrant called i-Fairy in Tokyo! The unique way of choosing a celebrant starts… Read also
  • How great Bali is

    What is the first thing comes to your mind when you hear about Bali? The popular on must be about Beaches and exoticism. Do you know that we got more than that? Bali are Island of Gods, thousands of greatsunset spot, surfing, cultural grandeur, magnificent art, culinary hot spot, romantic wedding and… Read also
  • Lifestyle in Bali

    Bali is famous for its beaches and vacation appeal. In fact, when Indonesia comes to mind, most people only envision Bali, where a fascinating lifestyle and beautiful scenery can be found on their doorstep. Rice paddies cascading down rolling hills, crystal clear water licking at white sands, an array… Read also
  • Rustic decoration style

    Hi everyone! I am glad to inform you about great news in our company. Since now, The Baliwedding team will share with you our experiences and details regarding different parts of wedding organization. We will make you smile, make you fall in love with our couples in balinese nature, you are invited… Read also
  • The best of chapel weddings in Bali

    As the magic of weddings in Bali has caught on, more and more couples are taking the plunge and cementing their vows on this beautiful island. The wedding industry has exploded like the petals from a rose and as a result, couples are able to choose from a plethora of locations, venues and styles. Wide… Read also
  • The cost of a Villa wedding in Bali

    Planning a villa wedding in Bali can be both very exciting and quite daunting all at the same time. When most people think of Bali they imagine either stunning hotels or exquisite villas decked out in luxurious comforts and, of course, a nice refreshing swimming pool. Having your wedding in a Bali villa… Read also
  • Why it’s better to get married in Bali

    With what shall we start? The endless ocean views? The magnificent rice terraces or the paradisiacal white sandy beaches? You all know how beautiful Bali’s landscape is and the stunning backdrop if you have your wedding on this little island. However, this is not the only reason why Bali is a… Read also
  • Beach wedding in Bali

    Imagine crystal clear water lapping at your toes, the crisp soft virgin white sand under your feet, and the sound of the waves gently breaking on the shore around you, loved ones watching as you stand under your own private altar looking up at the clear blue cloudless sky. Beach weddings in Bali provide… Read also
  • Getting married last minute

    Getting married this year and still nothing planned yet? Then check out this article to plan your wedding and honeymoon express! Making a spontaneous decision to get married abroad is great and there is nothing to worry about! Planning a wedding in 2017 is still possible with some rules to follow… Read also
  • Affordable weddings in Bali

    Bali’s exotic appeal owes much to its unique and vibrant culture as well as its natural beauty, from sweeping mountain panoramas with stretches of rice paddies to exotic sea temples bordered by rolling surf, making it a perfect spot for a cheap Bali wedding. With such gorgeous backdrops, why not… Read also
  • Where is the best place to get married?

    Bali offers an overwhelming amount of beautiful places to get married. With the many lush gardens, tropical white sand- or dramatic black sand beaches, cliffs with breathtaking views, outstanding luxury Villas and chapels where each has their unique design, it is indeed hard to decide which is the best… Read also
  • Unique ceremony ideas for a Bali wedding

    When thinking about a wedding in Bali than most of the people have a picture of a beach wedding ceremony in mind.  This is the most demanded wedding package and couples make the decision to get married with their toes in the sand without knowing what other type of wedding ceremonies are available… Read also
  • All you need to know about a beach wedding in Bali

    You are planning to get married on the beach? Then you are sharing the same dream with many couples all over the world. Beach Weddings are the most popular among destination weddings – and this for a good reason! Facing nothing else than the wide wide ocean, standing with the toes right on the… Read also
  • The ultimate checklist for a Bali wedding

    Planning a wedding in Bali can be truly a challenge! A destination wedding needs much more coordination and detail orientation than marrying in your home country. If you don’t have the right wedding organiser on your side to guide you through the whole process, there is a high chance that you… Read also
  • The best photographers in Bali

    Capturing the most important day of your life is a must and the best way do to this is by having a professional wedding photographer. The wedding photos are probably the most important part of your wedding in Bali as these are the physical memories which last for a life time. Many brides underestimate… Read also
  • Wedding Villa trends 2015

    If you haven’t booked your private villa wedding yet than you should definitely have a look at the fabulous and most demanded Villas in this season! All the villas stand out with picturesque views, luxurious design and private ambience – everything a bride is wishing for. The most trendy… Read also
  • The best beaches to get married in Bali

    A dream of so many couples all over the world: getting married on a white sand beach, turquoise ocean in front of you and powdery sand between your toes; who doesn’t want this for their own wedding? Considering that Bali has thousands of beaches it should be easy to find the perfect spot for this… Read also
  • The best venues to get married in Seminyak

    You came to Bali several times and love the trendy area Seminyak? With hundreds of stylish restaurants, bars and boutiques it is a very popular place to stay in Bali! No wonder that some brides decide to have their wedding in Seminyak. You are one of them? Now you just need to find out which are the… Read also
  • The best wedding venues in Uluwatu

    Uluwatu is known for its stunning cliffs, white sand beaches and impressive sunsets. No wonder that many couples choose to get married in this area. More and more wedding venues are popping up in Uluwatu and the choice is becoming even more overwhelming. Here is a list for you of the BEST Uluwatu wedding… Read also
  • Exotic Bali Cliff wedding venues

    Bali is an exotic paradise, home to lush tropical jungles and golden sandy beaches stretching as far as the eye can see. Vividly coloured seashells are deposited by glittering waves across soft golden walkways. An utterly idyllic and sumptuous place to unite a couple's love for one another amongst… Read also
  • Bali Wedding Packages

    Bali, the Island of the Gods, is a stunning tropical paradise located in Indonesia and with it’s incredible beaches, beautiful temples, jungle-covered mountains and luxurious resorts, it is the perfect place for your dream wedding.   Bali offers so many options for weddings, with packages… Read also