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The best wedding venues in Uluwatu

Uluwatu is known for its stunning cliffs, white sand beaches and impressive sunsets. No wonder that many couples choose to get married in this area. More and more wedding venues are popping up in Uluwatu and the choice is becoming even more overwhelming. Here is a list for you of the BEST Uluwatu wedding venues.

The Edge

Want to feel like a superstar on your own wedding? Then you won’t have to look further. The Edge is a stunning cliff top Villa with magical view over the ocean, located on a top of a hundreds meter high cliff. Everything about this venue is impressive: the rooms, the facilities and the service. You even have a own wine cellar and cinema! The Edge simply fulfills every expectations of even the most demanding superstars.

Villa Anugrah

Another cliff top Villa with uninterrupted view over the ocean. The 25 meter long builds a perfect backdrop for an elegant setting, where you could even have your ceremony right on a floating stage! The most stunning Uluwatu weddings have happened in Villa Anugrah. The elegant and bright look of the Villa gives a lot playground for your decoration and the sunsets behind the ocean will round it all up.

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The Sanctus

This 3 bedroom Villa has it all: luxurious facilities, a fairytale garden which leads to your wedding venue, an infinity garden and even a glass chapel. If that’s not impressive enough you may like to hear that The Sanctus has the option for a one night stay only in the Villa (instead of 3-5 nights as usual for private Villas) This makes this stunning Villa even to a great deal!

Semara Villas

Semara Villas are probably the most popular venue in regards to Bali weddings in Uluwatu. You have the option between several different private Villas, the main restaurant or even the famous Finn’ beach club for your unique ceremony and reception.  Each of the Villas has a 180 degree ocean view from where you can see the white sand beach stretch. Excellent food and service during your wedding and your stay are guaranteed!

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