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What can spoil your wedding ceremony

Each of us is thinking about this day at least once. Finally, it comes and even started to grow with quite real items. It's time to warn you from some common mistakes that can spoil your wedding ceremony or memory of it in the photos.

  1. Weather - the easiest obstacle to the ideal ceremony. There are two situations here - if the rain pouring down (which is rare), simply postpone the ceremony and photo shoot. Do not worry about this; let the island decide the best time for your wedding. The second situation is cloudy weather, which will add charm to your photos, softness and warmth to the soul.
  2. Experiments with image - do not radically change the image before wedding ceremony, even if you've always wanted to do it. Otherwise you run the risk of long and hard justification to your friends and relatives that the photo shows just you.
  3. Thirst for sun - scorched noses described in all instructions for photo shoots in hot countries. Nevertheless, it happens regularly. Of course, you can retouch everything, but it is only part of the pictures. When you wish to “enjoy” the entire photo shoots - the nose will be visible in every shot!
  4. Mental attitude - frozen postures and stone faces are not relevant any more. Bali is a place where many locals will come to see your photo shoots. You must be ready for this and feel like there are only two of you in the world at the moment.
  5. Rush - do not forget that you are under the camera shoot, do everything slowly - ceremony, exchange of rings and kiss. Remember, when your spouse puts its signature, you are also in the frame. Allow the photographer to capture your event at best.
  6. Poor health - Indonesia is still an exotic country. Don’t try out all culinary and alcoholic experiments at the first day; you risk being out of shape at the ceremony.
  7. High expectations - we all imagine the wedding ceremony of our dreams. But sometimes the frame of mind for a certain course of events can upset us if something goes wrong. At the same time such “wrong way” can also be as good, and in the account for advice of professionals, even better. Our expectations play a dirty trick on us. Do not let them do this! Be easy and tuned for the best, trust the professionals and let it be as in the sweetest dreams!
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