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All you need to know about a beach wedding in Bali

You are planning to get married on the beach? Then you are sharing the same dream with many couples all over the world. Beach Weddings are the most popular among destination weddings – and this for a good reason! Facing nothing else than the wide wide ocean, standing with the toes right on the sand and feeling the fresh ocean breeze while saying ‘I do’ to your beloved one. Don’t let it be just a dream – it’s so easy to make it come true! Read this article to learn every single detail you need to know about a dream beach wedding in Bali to be perfectly prepared for your special day on a special place.

The Bali beach wedding packages

Taking a wedding package will make everything much easier and relaxed for you. Don’t worry to forgot booking something essential for your wedding. You don’t need to be a professional wedding planner to create a perfect wedding! Beach wedding packages include all basic but very important components like makeup artist, photographer, decoration and many more details which are crucial for a wedding ceremony. Take a look at the different beach wedding packages and from there on you can add anything you want to top up the package with additional decoration, a romantic candle light dinner, musicians during the ceremony or Balinese flower girls. Taking a wedding package doesn’t mean you can’t personalize it!

bali beach wedding

The Look

Beach weddings need a special styling. You will regret wearing a grandiose princess dress. In a light, fluffy dress you will look like a queen… and feel comfortable at the same time. Same goes for your groom. He will look handsome in shorts and shirt. A beach wedding is casual and supposed to be fun, don’t ruin it with the wrong dressing.

Makeup and hair

Remember that it’s hot on the beach? Don’t forget it when you get your makeup done. A light makeup will make you shine and this not because you are sweating! The ocean breeze can move some of your strands of hair here and there so a super tight up-do will might not be the best choice. Keep it simple when it comes to your styling. The most important is to enjoy that day and with all the joy you will be the most beautiful bride anyway.

Makeup and hair

The decoration

Honestly, any decoration looks beautiful when you have the setting on a paradisiacal beach. However, this article is about perfection. To create the most beautiful decoration set up which looks fabulous on the pictures to there are some hints to follow. With blue sky, turquoise ocean, yellow sun and white sand, colors in contrast colors will pop up the whole decoration set. Bright colors like purple, pink, red and orange will color up your walk to the altar. Another rule when it comes to decoration is: don’t cutt of details! They make the big difference!


The beach wedding location

This is a very sensitive and the most important decision for your wedding. Choosing the wrong beach will ruin your special day. Bali is a very popular holiday destination and most of the beaches are crowded. If you haven’t been in Bali yet or not often you probably don’t know the really good beaches. These are still not perfect because here and there some tourists pass by or it’s not on the right side of the Bali. A sunset beach wedding in Bali is a must for you? Bad news, the sunset beaches are filled with sunbathers. Looks like having the perfect beach is not that easy? No worries, we have inspected every corner and found some perfectly private and beautiful beaches in any part of the island.

Equipped with all these hints you have now nothing to worry about making your dream of a Bali beach wedding come true!