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Where is the best place to get married?

Bali offers an overwhelming amount of beautiful places to get married. With the many lush gardens, tropical white sand- or dramatic black sand beaches, cliffs with breathtaking views, outstanding luxury Villas and chapels where each has their unique design, it is indeed hard to decide which is the best place to get married in Bali. Especially getting married in Bali for foreigners can look challenging, as you are so far away from your wedding destination and have only the photos to make your comparison.

Where can I find places to get married in Bali?

Before you decide where to get married in Bali, you probably want to know first what is available for you. Therefore, let’s have a look through the different categories of Bali venues and find out which is the best place for your wedding:

Beach Wedding

Your dream was always to feel the sand between your toes when saying ‘i do’ and hear the ocean waves right in front of you? This is the most popular sort of wedding but hence not easy to find the best place. Most of Bali’s beaches are crowded with tourists. No worries! We’ve found some hidden places for you. Have a look at the beach wedding packages designed for intimate and private ceremonies and see the fantastic photos you could get from your beach wedding in Bali.

beach wedding Bali

Hotel or Resort Wedding

The main benefit getting married in a Hotel or Resort is that you can name your wedding location a 5* branded luxury venue. In Bali you will get a lot of VIP for your money! However, here are also some minuses, for example that you are bounded with their wedding packages, which means very small or no possibility for customization at all. Furthermore, many Hotel or Resorts charge $$ if you want to bring in your own photographer or decoration. Keep that hidden costs in mind when considering a Hotel or Resort wedding in Bali and ask your wedding planner for it. There are a few flexible options for you available though. 

hotel wedding Bali

Private Villa Wedding

This is the option which allows almost a maximum of flexibility. In most of the private Villas in Bali you can bring in any decoration you like, your personally selected catering company, photographer etc. You will need to pay function and banjar fee for being allowed to get married in one of the luxury Villas in Bali. It seems expensive at the first glance because you have to stay for 3-5 minimum nights but don’t forget to consider that the total price will not be only for your wedding but also for staying in a 5* luxury Villas with amazing views which accommodate mostly 8 or more person. Another big benefit is, that you are in an absolute private embassy.  Some of the venues in the Villa Wedding Page have the opportunity for a rental only. That means that you are not forced to stay for a minimum number of nights but only use the Villa for the actual purpose: your wedding. 

villa wedding Bali

Chapel Wedding

Outstanding architecture & design and breathtaking views are what Chapels in Bali stand for. Getting married in a Bali Chapel means pure luxury and VIP service. Of course, there is a price to pay for this and same like with Hotels- and Resort Weddings you have to be aware of sticked wedding decoration and entrance fees. However, there are some real gems between the chapels which allow you flexibility to affordable prices. You will find an overview on the Chapel Wedding Page.

chapel wedding Bali

Thousands of places available and you have to chosen one. Where is the best place to get married? This question can only be answered by yourself. Contact us if you need a personal wedding planner who will assist you with all information and give you recommendations to lead you to the right direction.