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Getting married last minute

Getting married this year and still nothing planned yet? Then check out this article to plan your wedding and honeymoon express!

Making a spontaneous decision to get married abroad is great and there is nothing to worry about! Planning a wedding in 2017 is still possible with some rules to follow which make your stress level rapidly go down!

Rule no. 1: Get it all in one!

There is no time and also no need to start from zero and suffer through sorting out all components one by one. Bali wedding packages are still available in 2017. A wedding package consists of all components you need for your wedding and you save yourself from getting hysterical!

Rule no. 2: Combine your wedding and honeymoon

wedding and honeymoon packages BaliHaving your wedding and honeymoon abroad in different countries is too stressful – and nonsense! Magical Island like Bali is like made for newlyweds. Hundreds of Bali honeymoon packages are awaiting you in 2017. Luxurious Hotels or a one bedroom Villa with private pool is exactly what a freshly married couple needs to start their live together. Between romantic candle light dinners, SPA sessions and cocktails on the beach you can experience day trips with full of action. Sounds like a lot of organization in advance? It’s not! You can book a complete honeymoon packages in 2017 which is designed to your and your partner’s personalities.

Rule no. 3: Details can wait until your arrival

Not everything must be finalized before you departure to the island. Many details will be more convenient for you to discuss in person with our meeting manager who is specialized in exactly this! You will see the handbouquet options, can decide on the color theme and be adviced about additional entertainment program, detailed decoration and other options which can give your wedding the personal touch. Even for your honeymoon you can schedule an appointment with our colleagues from the travel department who are experts in everything about accommodation and tours in Bali. Your Bali honeymoon package 2017 will be finalized in only one single meeting in our convenient office.

Your Bali wedding and honeymoon in 2017 is waiting for you. Get it started right now and contact us! ;)