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The best venues to get married in Seminyak

You came to Bali several times and love the trendy area Seminyak? With hundreds of stylish restaurants, bars and boutiques it is a very popular place to stay in Bali! No wonder that some brides decide to have their wedding in Seminyak. You are one of them? Now you just need to find out which are the best wedding venues in Seminyak! Not all of the places where you usually love to dine or stay are also suitable for a wedding. Be aware that the beaches are crowded and a Hotel Wedding in Seminyak might be not the most private place as well. We have picked for you only the best locations for your dream wedding in Seminyak. Here you go:

Courtyard Marriot in Seminyak

One of the trendiest Hotels in Bali has opened recently in Seminyak! Courtyard Marriot Seminyak is not situated beachfront however they have a beach part which is now available for your wedding ceremony! Fascinating sunset is one of the biggest benefits you have! If your wish is to have a beach ceremony in Seminyak, than it should not be in any other place than here!

wedding in seminyak

Villa wedding in Seminyak

There are hundreds of Villas in Seminyak! But be carefull not every single Villa is suitable for wedding ceremonies. Most of the Villas have only small gardens and not much space for a beautiful wedding set up. If you want to have a villa wedding in Seminyak you should not miss to check out Villa Atas Ombak. This Villa has everything what you need for your Seminyak Wedding: beachfront location, huge lush garden, luxurious design and absolute privacy.

villa wedding in seminyak

Chapel weddings in Seminyak

Although there are so many chapels all over Bali you can barely find wedding packages in Seminyak for a chapel. The Santi Chapel is located in the trendy area of Seminyak and offers a lush garden surrounding in the middle of the hustle and bustle.

chapel wedding in seminyak

In  general Seminyak is not the most recommended place to hold a wedding ceremony and reception. There are many more areas in Bali which offer more spectacular surroundings, more privacy and are less costly. However, some of you dear brides have a reason to hold their wedding nowhere else than in Seminyak: some are in love with the sunsets, some have a special connection to this chic area in Bali. If you consider to get married in Seminyak, please do contact our team to receive more information about wedding venues in Seminyak for your special day in Bali.