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The best beaches to get married in Bali

A dream of so many couples all over the world: getting married on a white sand beach, turquoise ocean in front of you and powdery sand between your toes; who doesn’t want this for their own wedding? Considering that Bali has thousands of beaches it should be easy to find the perfect spot for this dream ceremony, right? The truth is, you need to be careful with selecting the right beach for your wedding otherwise it can end up in a nightmare!

Bali indeed has many beautiful beaches all over the island, however they do not all fit for a special event like your own wedding. Keep in mind that beautiful beaches want to be visited by many tourists, too. Please do yourself a favor and forget about getting married on the beach in Seminyak or Kuta. These are popular spots for sunbathers and surfers and they would all be a part of your special day – for sure you do not want to have uninvited guests on your wedding! Instead, consider a beach in Nusa Dua for your wedding. Read on and learn about the most important things you need to know about weddings in Nusa Dua!

Nusa Dua has golden sand beaches, calm ocean and is not crowded as other parts of Bali. These are perfect conditions or an unforgettable beach wedding – and there are still hidden gems which we have found for you! If you are seeking for an intimate ceremony with only your bride/ groom- to-be then please check out our Nusa Dua wedding packages and choose the Luxe Beach! These packages are designed for romantic ceremonies and there is no doubt that it will be only the two of you on this beautiful white sand beach.

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For couples who are bringing over their family and friends to Bali there are very suitable Beach Hotel weddings in Nusa Dua awaiting you. Your beach wedding will be completed by a celebration with dinner and drinks and your guests can conveniently stay in the same Hotel or one of the many nearby.

If you are not sure which location to choose for your dream beach wedding, please drop us an email and one of our dedicated planners will present you the best Nusa Dua wedding venues.